Sleep coaching - skype consultation

Sleep coaching - skype consultation

Personalized sleep help on Skype!                                                 

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We review your family sleep history and look into your personal situation thoroughly. We look at what you have tried and what your goals are, then create a customized plan that works for your child and family. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re co-sleeping or breastfeeding or room sharing. It doesn't matter if you're bottle-feeding and your baby is sleeping in a separate room because we do not have a one-size-fits-all solution.  We offer you personalized support for your situation.

We work together with you and help to create a plan that works for the whole family and one that respects your baby's needs. We take all of your unique circumstances into consideration. 

No "cry-it-out", no training babies to sleep.

We believe what science says: children will eventually sleep through the night when they are ready and neurologically mature for it. But parents have to survive, too. We make things work for the whole family. 


Skype consult: 3.50EUR/3GBP/4USD every 5 minutes.

The final bill will reflect the length of our call. You receive an e-invoice by email, we provide transfer details and you can transfer after that.

One follow up email is included.




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